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I wanted to work at Vogue…

After 6 years of thinking about launching my own blog, I finally did it and now I feel like I am living my dream, writing about fashion and everything I love.

On 24/01/2019 by Kirstin

The real reason I started my own blog, spilling the deets.

Do you ever think back to your school days and remember what you wanted to be when you “grew up”? Well my dream was to be a Fashion Editor at Vogue Magazine. Big dream right?! Whenever I would tell people that's what I wanted to be I would get that look, like yeah Kirsty keep dreaming, you at least needed a degree in Fashion and I didn't have one. I did get an A in my Textiles GCSE, but that still wasn't good enough. I applied to the Leeds College of Art and Design and they told me I would have to wait until the following year to start the fashion course I wanted to do.

So I waited and it was then at 16 that I left home, got a real job and followed the money. I loved working and having the independance to do what I wanted, buy clothes I loved and be an independant woman.

I will leave my career story for another post but fast forward to 2019 and I am now running an amazing business with my husband restoring vintage buses and I am finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a fashion editor…on this blog!

“It is never too late to start again and work towards your dream job, even if that has changed a little, it is so important to do what you truly love!  ”

Really this blog is a place for me to be creative, share my favourite fashion, beauty, travel destinations, luxe experiences, talk about real life stuff, marketing which I am apparently gifted at and all things business related for my fellow hustlers out there. Hopefully you will find something helpful or even inspiring from the blog. 

I wouldn't say my dream to work as a Vogue editor is still live and kicking, although that would still be pretty cool. Hello Devil Wears Prada! I like the freedom to write about things I am personally passionate about and be creative with it on my blog. I have a tonne of fashion content coming up and will be out shooting lots of beautiful, fun images soon.

Thank you to the internet for making it possible to share our thoughts with the world!

Kirstin xoxo

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