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About Kirstin ♡

Straight up real talk, sharing valuable knowledge, exploding your mind with ideas and pushing you to achieve your maximum potential in life and business...

Kirstin has spent the last decade of her life finding purpose, learning through personal life challenges and business experiences that happiness is always the key nomatter what car you drive! During an early morning session with her personal trainer Hayley, Kirstin realised she wanted to start sharing these valuable learnings to help others live a happy life full of purpose, build epic brands and run successful businesses. Kirstin loves every aspect of businesses that are pioneered by people who love what they do, provide value to their customers without expectation and create amazing brand experiances that keep customers loyal and coming back for more.

A big beliver in life being short and not wasting any time going after what you want, Kirstin loves more than anything getting to know people and businesses, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, short and long term goals and aspirations and uncovering what will make them truly happy and their own definition of success. Kirstin is passionate about sharing everything she discovers with everyone and doesn't sugar coat her findings. She loves to problem solve and analyse businesses, marketing, sales and branding and help people realise what they can change, remove and improve to live a happy healthy life.